Youth goes live on FB to commit suicide; blames Cong leader father

Ludhiana (Punjab): Yuvraj, the son of former District Youth Congress chief Dimple Rana, went live on Facebook on Thursday from Canada to commit suicide. Blaming his father for driving him to desperation, he slit both his wrists with a knife. His family members and friends contacted the Vancouver police, which located Yuvraj and got him admitted to a hospital.

‘Mood off’

Yuvraj had gone to Canada one and a half months back. On Thursday morning, his updated his status on FB. His new status said ‘mood off.’ Then, at 3.24 pm (local time), he uploaded his live video on the social media site, in which he declared his intention of committing suicide. After a few minutes, he went live again and much to the horror of the watchers, slit both his wrists. Both the videos were deleted by late in the evening. The first video was watched by more than 2,500 persons and the second by upwards of 2,000.

‘Make this video viral’

In the videos uploaded on Facebook, Yuvraj said that he was sick of his father and that was why he was committing suicide. His friends requested him to refrain from harming himself but he kept on hurling abuses at his father. After slitting his wrists, he said that that the video should be shared as much as possible and made viral so that his father gets ‘stringent-possible punishment’. He said that he had asked his father to give certain documents to him but he was told that the documents had been destroyed in a fire.

‘I don’t know why he did it’

“There is no dispute between me and my son,” said Rana, adding that “as far as admonishing him is concerned, all parents, once in a while, pull their children up for the sake of their better future.” He said that Yuvraj is currently in a hospital and the actual reason why he attempted suicide would be known once he recovers.