Young man in Bhopal becomes mentally disturbed after Pulwama attack, locks himself inside home

Bhopal: The Pulwama attack and the subsequent India-Pakistan conflict and the possibility of war between the two neighbours has mentally affected a young man in Bhopal so much that he has locked himself inside his house and the neighbours are giving him food and water through a window but he is not eating well and the neighbours are seriously concerned about his health.

The youth has locked him inside his house in Shakti Nagar locality for the last 15 days. The neighbours give him water, bread and food through the room’s window but he has not been eating properly and has grown so weak that he can hardly stand up or speak.

The youth Somai Banerjee’s father P Banerjee was an engineer with BHEL and mother Romila Banerjee was a teacher in a government school. His elder brother Dr Udayan Banerjee is a senior scientist in Russia.

Somai himself is convent educated and speaks English fluently. Now he is a victim of loneliness and depression. Neighbours have urged MP Human Rights Commission to intervene and save Somai Banerjee.
Neighbours also complained to the police but they did not take any effective action. The cops came, forcefully opened the door and then left after some time.

Banerjee family was very reserved: Neighbours

Neighbours said that Banerjee family was very reserved. A neighbour Rajesh Jain said no one visited Somai Banerjee in so many years. About 10 years back, his father P Banerjee had passed away. After his death, elder son Udayan Banerjee settled in Russia. Mother Romila Banerjee passed away about one-and-half year back. At that time Udayan had come to India.

‘Condition deteriorated after Pulwama attack’

Neighbours said that Somai’s condition deteriorated after Pulwama attack. Rajesh Jain said he became mentally disturbed and the possibility of war breaking out between India and Pakistan made him fearful. When the police broke the door open he was sitting in a corner of the room wearing a helmet.

Dr RN Sahu, head of the department of psychiatry at Gandhi Medical College (GMC) said that Somai is a victim of depression. He could have led a normal life with family members but loneliness has worsened his problem. Pulwama attack and the subsequent conflict between India and Pakistan disturbed him mentally, added Dr Sahu.