‘You will be probed if Congress comes to power’: People of this neglected village in Chhattisgarh become laughing stock due to its name Rafel

Mahasamund: On the National Highway-53, there is a village of 150 families, about 135 kilometers from Mahasamund.

In this small village, neither Rafale’s factory is proposed to be set up nor is it going to benefit from Rafale in any way.

Yet Rafale deal, a major poll plank and at centre of a bitter battle between ruling BJP and Congress, has become a headache for the residents of this village.

Actually, the name of this village is Rafel. English spelling may be slightly different but in Hindi it is pronounced as Rafale. The villagers have become a laughing stock for the people of surrounding villages.

If the people of the village go to the other villages, they have to face many inquisitive questions. People joke that if the Congress government comes to power then an inquiry could be conducted against the villagers.

No senior leader of Congress or BJP visited village during campaigning

The village has become famous on account of its name. Asked how they feel about it the village elders say they have gained nothing. The campaigning has ended but no senior leader of Congress or BJP visited the village, they said.

The villagers is there is no irrigation facility in the village and farmers’ families migrate to nearby urban areas in search of livelihood.

No one knows how the village got the name Rafel. Elders said earlier Raipur was the district, then in 1998 Mahasamund district was formed. This village is in Mahasamund district for last 21 years.

Sukanti Bagh living in the village for 35 years said village was not so much talked about in the past.

Woman panch Safed Rana was not amused when told that the hearing of the case is going on in the Supreme Court. She said – I don’t know all this. Why people are after our village, I can’t understand.