You can now stay in Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio’s New York hotel suite

New York: It was the hotel suite that became a love nest for Marilyn Monroe during her short-lived marriage to baseball player Joe DiMaggio. Monroe and her second husband, DiMaggio, were married only for nine months.

Monroe and DiMaggio met in 1952 and married in San Francisco two years later. The bride was 27 years old, and her groom was 12 years her senior.

And, now guests can stay inside the stunning New York hotel room that played host to the newlyweds in the 1950s from Rs82,518 or $1,200 per night, according to a ‘Daily Mail’ report.

The Lexington Hotel Autograph Collection on Manhattan’s Lexington Avenue has unveiled its Norma Jeane Suite, in honour of Monroe’s real name.

The suite has a subtle colour palette of black, white and pink with only flashes of red honouring the actress’s love of bright lipstick. As guests enter the suite, they are greeted with a marble entry foyer with pictures of both Monroe and DiMaggio dotted around the room.

Features of the Norma Jeane Suite

  • The suite has been renovated with the couple in mind with subtle touches of both Broadway and baseball memorabilia to commemorate them.
  • The suite even boasts a sofa bed and dining area for entertaining as well as a fully-equipped kitchen and coffee maker.
  • Guests can enjoy a spacious living room with huge sofas where they could watch Monroe’s movies on the 55-inch high-definition flat-screen TV.
  • Folding doors open up to a 200-square foot terrace that has sweeping views across Manhattan.
  • The suite also has a baseball bat in the umbrella stand and shopping bags from Bloomingdales’, Monroe’s favourite store, in the wardrobe.