Yoga and sound healing help Bhopal woman defeat rheumatoid arthritis

Bhopal: Aarti Sinha, a city-based sound healer, was only 30 when she was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, a chronic inflammatory disorder that cannot be cured, in 1994. Doctors had told her that she would have to live with the pain her entire life. She then tried various alternative therapies, but they did not quite help.

 Yoga treats physical symptoms of a disease, but every disease has its emotional part and sound helps heal that aspect. Yoga and sound healing help a patient heal faster Aarti Sinha, sound healer

However, a trip to Dharamshala six years ago, introduced her to Buddhist sound bowls. On her return to Bhopal, she learnt about sound healing and combined it with yoga. Aarti said she experienced positive results inside three months and now “does not remember the last time she took a painkiller”.

Alternative medicines

Aarti tried alternative medicines and therapies like castor oil, herbs, Art of Living, and even yoga, to help her manage the discomfort after the initial diagnosis.

“I had two painkillers a day at that time which just gave me partial relief. I continued having painkillers and tried alternative therapies without too much success till six years ago,” she said.

Start of the miracle

A trip to Dharamshala six years ago changed Aarti’s life. “I found Buddhist sound bowls there and bought some back with me as I was fascinated by them. I also learnt about sound healing,” said Aarti.

Results in 3 months

“I learnt that all seven chakras have their own swaras and mantras, and started using them while practicing yoga. I saw positive results within three months,” she said.

Aarti said, “I did a formal course in sound healing and now I feel happy when I cure others with the help of yoga and sound healing.”

(Written by: Sharbani Banerjee)