World Rangers Day: A tribute to the tough life of a Ranger

A ranger is a person in charged of preserving protected forests and national parks

New Delhi: Many might be ignorant about the importance of July 31, well, it is celebrated as World Rangers Day, to commemorate Rangers killed or injured in the line of duty. The day is marked to celebrate the work of Rangers to protect the natural treasures and cultural heritage of forests.

A ranger is a person in charged of preserving protected forests and national parks.

“Let’s pause for a moment to reflect on the courage and sacrifice that Rangers make: by honouring Fallen Rangers and standing with Rangers who bravely undertake their role on the frontline. World Ranger Day is an International Ranger Federation initiative promoted together with its official charity arm, The Thin Green Foundation,” reads the description on International Ranger Federation’s website.

IFS officer Parveen Kaswan took to Twitter to explain what World Rangers Day is all about. In a series of tweets he explains the difficult job of forest rangers, and urges people to

#WorldRangersDay is on 31st July. It is to celebrate the front line staff in forest which work in difficult conditions but protecting open natural property. I will do a picture thread showing the work they are doing, which I collected from different sources & also clicked,” wrote Kaswan.

“They are true to the name; Foot Soldiers. As in #forests there are no other mean of transportation, even on rainy & cold nights. Patrolling in Mangroves of Sundarbans, Desert NP of Jaisalmer, Coniferous forests of Himalayas or Marine NP in Andaman, ” he writes in his concluding tweet.

Here’s how the message is being spread on Twitter:

Bollywood actor Dia Mirza also shared a tweet highlighting the importance of Rangers:


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