World Cup 2019: India will help Pakistan to reach semifinals, says Shoaib Akhtar

London: Pakistan’s team defeated New Zealand by 6 wickets in the World Cup match played on Wednesday. This is Pakistan’s second consecutive victory. 

With this, the hopes of reaching the semi-finals for the Pakistani team have revived. Pakistan will have to win both the remaining matches to reach the semi-finals. At the same time, it will have to depend on India too. In such a situation, former Pakistani bowler Shoaib Akhtar has said that India will help Pakistan to reach the last 4.

Shoaib said this while uploading a video on YouTube. Shoaib said, “India will help Pakistan to reach the semi-finals. The Indian team can make way for Pakistan by defeating England.” Shoaib also praised Pakistani players Babar Azam and Harish Sohail. 

He said, ‘It takes Pakistan players time to catch the momentum. They have to be woken up by sharp criticism. Now they are awake and Pakistan team will reach the semifinals. “

The Pakistan team is currently at sixth place in the points table. The team has played 7 matches and it has 7 points. England’s team has 8 points in 7 matches. The position of Bangladesh is also like Pakistan. Just because of the run-rate, they are a notch above. If the Indian team defeats Bangladesh and England then the road to reach the last 4 for Pakistan will be easier. It is also hoped that Pakistan will once again face India in the semi-finals. Now we have to see what happens next.