Work on Smart Yellow Card Project yet to begin in Bhopal

Delay could affect capital’s smart city ranking

Bhopal: The Madhya Prad4esh capital is lagging behind in the implementation of proposed Smart Yellow Card Project to modernise city’s traffic management system. Work on the project has already started in Indore, Ujjain and Gwalior and over 1,500 Smart Yellow Cards have already been issued in these three cities.

Could affect smart city ranking

Ranking of smart cities is starting from 15 August. Around 140 points are reserved for yellow card project but Bhopal has not yet started it. If Bhopal wants a high ranking among smart cities, authorities will have to begin work before 15 August.

Documents needed for Smart Yellow Card

1. Vehicle’s registration
2. Vehicle’s insurance
3. Aadhar Card of vehicle owner

Card to cost only Rs 25

Fee of Rs 25 for the Smart Yellow Card has been fixed by Union Home Ministry. As a vehicle is driven by other family members besides the owner at least two cards will be issued for Rs 50 by Save-Life, the company preparing the cards. More than two cards can also be issued for the convenience of family members if the vehicle owner so wishes and the fee for each additional card is Rs 25.

DGP has issued orders

On the directives of the Centre, State Director General of Police had issued orders on 25 June to begin work on Smart Yellow Card Project as soon as possible.


The Smart Yellow Card holder will not need to keep the registration and insurance papers of the vehicle. He will have to only show the card. Family members of the vehicle owner and other persons authorized by him can also keep the card. The card will contain full details of vehicle and the vehicle owner. Besides traffic police will know if the vehicle owner has violated any traffic rule in the past.
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