Women need to watch each other’s backs: Yami Gautam on #MeToo

New Delhi: Actress Yami Gautam expressed her disgust and anger at the horrors women victims have been through at the hands of men in Bollywood. Talking her heart out, Yami said that the momentum gained by #MeToo should never be lost.

“It is not just a wave but something that is important. Something like this should have happened long back and I am happy that the MeToo movement has taken momentum and is creating the uproar so that even if you and me cant change laws we can create enough momentum for authorities to take notice and make laws and make this a place safe so that these things are not brushed under the carpet, ” said Yami.

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“It is disgusting to read what we are reading. It is not just restricted to our industry. It is global movement regardless of gender. You would want this muck to be cleared. We need such people who are responsible for making girls go through such horror to be given public shame apart from action. I am so glad it is happening. The only way to empower women is by supporting each other. We need to watch each other’s backs,” she added.