Women forge ‘Lathi Brigade’ to teach their tormentors a lesson they are unlikely to forget

Sonipat (Haryana): Fed up with growing incidents of chain snatching, eve teasing, and loot, women in Haryana’s Sonipat have formed a ‘lathi gang’ to deal with criminals.

On Tuesday, members of the gang, all from Mohalla Kala in Sonipat, distributed lathis to all the members during a meeting. The ‘lathi gang’ includes Gita, Jyoti, Asha, Kavita, Kiran, Sonia, Kanta, Minu, Kirti, Lakshmi, Ritu, Uma and Manisha. There is a plan to provide a lathi to every household in the area.

The group has also decided that sirens will be installed in some areas in front of the houses. As soon as a woman sees anything wrong around her, she can sound the siren. On hearing the siren, women will gather together with their lathis and teach the perpetrator a lesson on the spot and hand them over to the police. The women have also pledged to unite to fight social evils.

Troubles at home too

The organisation also has the support of the male members of their households. Former councillor Vimal Kishare said that this was an important initiative. There should be such committees in each area.

Geeta, Asha and Kanta Devi from Mohalla Kala said that women are troubled in their homes also. In the last 15 days, there have been more than 10 cases of chain snatching, eve teasing and looting. Women and men of dubious credentials have also been frequenting the neighbourhood.

Every other day, there are incidents of snatching of jewellery from women. Only if the people of the neighbourhood come together can a stop be put to such incidents. Complaints were made to the police several times, but no action was taken. Now our team will hand over eve teasers and other petty criminals to the police ourselves.