Woman inflicts candle burn injuries on 5-year-old daughter for disrupting her TV viewing experience

Mumbai: In Navi Mumbai, a woman inflicted candle burn injuries on her five-year-daughter just because she was disturbing her while she was watching TV. On the complaint of the child’s father, her mother and aunt were arrested.

The incident took place on Wednesday evening. Anita Yadav was watching a serial on TV. The child was playing nearby and making frequent noise during the play. The mother asked her to be quiet but the child paid no attention.

Anita was infuriated and in order to teach a lesson and warn the child of consequences of disturbing her, she inflicted candle burn injuries at several places on her body. Child’s aunt (paternal uncle’s wife) Rinki also helped Anita in her act.

At the time of the incident, child’s father Ghanshyam Nandaji Yadav, 23, a vegetable vendor, was not at home. When he came back he found the child unconscious with burn marks on her body. Later he registered a complaint at Kalamboli police station. Senior inspector Satish Gaikwad said around 20 candle burn marks were found on her body.