With 35K participants, Vadodara hosting country’s biggest Garba

Vadodara: This picture is of the country’s biggest Garba event. Around 35,000 enthusiasts are playing Dandia every day at the event, hosted by an organisation called United Way. They included youngsters from France and the US. The event, which began from the third day of Navratri, will continue till Dusshera.

All the participants are supposed to wear traditional attires. Men have to be dressed in Kedia Dhoti and women in Chania Choli. Film songs and tunes based on them are a strict no-no. The organisers claim that the event has not witnessed any unpleasant incident or dispute over the past 31 years.

Tickets sold out in an hour

The venue is a 3,000-sq-metre ground. Twenty-four halogen towers keep the place bathed in light. There is arrangement for parking of 25,000 vehicles. The total expenses are around Rs 3 crore. Tickets – costing up to Rs 3,500 – are available online and are sold out within an hour every day. Around 10,000 persons attend the event as spectators.