Will utilise all available avenues to ensure Masood is held accountable: US

Washington: The United States on Tuesday affirmed it will employ all available avenues to ensure Jaish-e-Mohammad chief Masood Azhar, was held liable.

The Pakistan-based terrorist leader escaped being designated a global terrorist by the UN in March 2019 after China prevented a move for the fourth time.

While countering Chinese allegations that the US had bypassed UN security council’s sanctions committee to designate Masood, a US state department spokesperson said the US and its allies and partners, including those on the UN Security Council, would use all available resources to ensure that Masood was held accountable by the global community.

The state department was responding to China censuring the United States, France, and the United Kingdom for moving a draft resolution at the UNSC as “not a constructive move” and that it “set a bad example”.

Beijing has said the process should have stayed in the 1267 sanctions committee where progress had been made and that the United States was aware of it and yet it “insists on pushing” the UNSC draft resolution.