Wild elephants smash window, pull out woman, child; trample them to death

Korba (Chhattisgarh): A herd of wild elephants smashed through a window of an Aaganwadi Centre at Phuthamuda village, about 5 km from here on Sunday night. They coiled their trunk around a woman and a child and lifted them away. Later, they trampled both to death.

Ironically the Forest Department had arranged their stay in the building to save them from possible attack by pachyderms. The 22 members of Pahari Korwa tribe, belonging to five families, were staying in the anganwadi building on the roadside. The deceased have been identified as Itwari Bai and Rohit Kumar.

The elephants surrounded the anganwadi building and tried to break the grill but did not succeed. They then removed the building’s window on the backside and pulled out the child and the woman.

Raze two houses

The remaining people somehow managed to flee from the spot to save their lives. The elephants then entered the village and pulled down two houses. Members of Hathi Mitradal reached the spot and drove away the elephants. The Forest Department has provided compensation of Rs 25,000 each to the family of the deceased.