Why is #MahakalTwitter trending today?

New Delhi: For those of you who are wondering why #MahakalTwitter is trending and what is its signifcance, here is the key to satisfy your ‘curiosity’ genes.

Devotees of Lord Shiva welcomed the first Monday of the month of Shravan or Sawan with great zeal on Twitter.

This day holds great significance for the devotees who observe fast (vrat) during the entire month of Sawan – which falls during July-August, as per Gregorian calendar and is considered to be extremely auspicious where devotees pray to Lord Shiva and his consort Mata Parvati.

This year, the holy month dedicated to Lord Shiva began on Sunday, July 28, and will end on August 26.

During this period, several devotees set out on a yatra by foot, popularly known as ‘Kanwar Yatra’. In the yatra, bhakts set out on a spiritual journey by carrying sacred water in pitchers, tied to a bamboo pole. The pole is balance by devotees on their shoulders without letting the pitchers on either side move from its position.

They fill the pitchers with holy water from different Shiva temples they come across while travelling. The devotees also sing and dance while on their spiritual journey.

While that is one way to celebrate the month, there are others who like to go more subtle. From visiting temples and making sand art to getting a tattoo done or just drawing and sharing pictures of Mahadev on social media, devotees are resorting to different ways to show their love for the Mahadev.

Check out how people are celebrating the auspicious day on Twitter: