Why did Sushant Singh Rajput fire his entire staff?

[dropcap]S[/dropcap]ushant Singh Rajput was recently in news after he was accused of harassing his Kizie Aur Manny co-star Sanjana Sanghi. The actor was trolled on social media and Twitter. After this, the actor clarified by putting up screenshots of his conversation with Sanjana.

While the matter was eventually resolved when he got back his verification mark and Sanjana issued a statement that no one harassed her and she could not clear the air immediately as she was traveling out of the country, Sushant did not take the accusations lightly.

“Sushant has been hearing Kizie Aur Manny stories for a long time. So, he decided to change his entire team thinking that they might have spread the rumours. Earlier this year, his managers and some staff persons were asked to leave and now, he has a new set of team members.”

Incidentally, after their departure, the more juicy details of the incident started coming out.