Why Bollywood producers are now focusing on digital promotion

Mumbai: Bollywood producers-directors are now depending more on digital platforms to promote their films. They are spending about 30% of their budget on this mode of publicity, and in return, they are getting good response from the urban areas.

Additionally, the feedback and comments on the trailer or teaser gives them an idea of how the film will perform at the box office.

‘Complete focus on social media’

Bollywood’s famous director Mukesh Bhatt said that now the filmmakers’ focus has completely shifted to social media.

“Our complete focus is on social media. Most of our viewers who go to the cinema halls to watch movies are on social media. Now the promotion of the movie on television and other mediums has become expensive. Thanks to platforms like YouTube or Twitter, our budget has reduced by 30%. However, mediums such as TV are not being ignored because a large audience reaches our films through them,” said Bhatt.

‘Digital marketing is customised’

Filmmaker Kamal Jain says that digital marketing is more customised when compared to TV.

“In digital, we know who is watching our content and who is not. We know who likes our trailer and who dislikes it. We also know how much time he is giving. This is a new way to market your movie. Earlier, we used to spend only 15% of our budget on digital media, which has now reached 30-40%. As this medium has become cheaper, our overall budget has decreased by 25-30%. However, TV has a better reach in rural areas, therefore it can’t be ignored,” said Jain.

‘Social media is a cheaper option’

Choreographer and film producer Ahmed Khan says, “There is no doubt that social media has emerged as a cheaper option than TV. But TV access is all over the country.”

Kumar Torani of Tips Company says that by releasing the trailer on such platforms, they get to know the fate of the film. The initial reaction of the audience can be found immediately on the digital platform.

Varun thinks otherwise

Actor Varun Dhawan said before its release, every movie is hailed as excellent or brilliant on Twitter and other such platforms. “We think the film will be a hit. But in cinema halls, about 70% of seats remain empty,” expressed the Varun.

(Story by Sonali Joshi)