Who owns car bought with stolen cash? Guj HC to decide

The court will take up the interesting case on July 30

Ahmedabad: A burglar broke into the house of Sharadchandra Shah in the city and walked away with jewellery and cash worth Rs 19.50 lakh. That was a couple of months back. Then, in June this year, the police caught a man called Suresh Makwana. During interrogation, he admitted to having committed the theft. When the police questioned him about the stolen cash, he said that he had used it to buy a car for Rs 11 lakh and had gifted the vehicle to his son, Sanjay, on the occasion of his marriage.

Counter claims

After the revelation, the police seized the car. Sharadchandra moved the Mirzapur (Rural) magistrate’s court and demanded custody of the car, saying that the vehicle was bought using money stolen from his house and hence belonged to him. Sanjay made a counter claim. His plea was that as the car was registered in his name, he was its legitimate owner and it should be handed over to him. On May 16, the court ordered that the vehicle be handed over to Sanjay.

Sharadchandra Shah has appealed in the High Court against the decision of the magistrate’s court. The case will come up for hearing on July 30.

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