‘Whiteness using #PovertyPorn to advance careers’: Netizens slam Australian photographer

[dropcap]R[/dropcap]enowned shutterbugs across the globe are showered with accolades for highlighting different facets of the ever-changing global economy including the socio-cultural issues.

Many a times they have reinforced progressive perspectives with the magic of their lenses.

1950 Segregated Water Fountains in North Carolina by Elliott Erwitt

For instance, Elliott Erwitt, in his acclaimed photograph from 1950 pointed out social discrimination by showing segregated water fountains meant for whites and Blacks in United States’ North Carolina.

His visual instinct hit the collective imagination of the Americans and could be easily considered one of the catalyst for pushing the idea of social equality in the country.

But, in some cases, the photographers have faced massive criticism for exploiting the lack in the society to advance their careers.

American Photographer Steve McCurry has been accused of staging pictures and using editing tools to further his interests.

One of his photos wherein he shot a woman holding a baby alongside a coolie, who was burdened with multiple luggage, turned out to be a staged. The coolie in the image was holding empty suitcases and the woman was supposedly his friend.

In a similar incident, Alessio Mamo, Australian photographer is facing widespread backlash on Twitter under the hashtag ‘poverty porn’.

A photo-series by Mamo, showing villagers posing next to tables full of food, started facing the brunt on the internet after it was shared by World Press Photo Foundation on their Instagram handle.

In the photos from his series ‘Dreaming Food’, children are seen covering their eyes next to fake meals.

Meanwhile, Mamo gave into the rage on the internet and apologised in a statement released on Tuesday while defending himself at the same time.

“The only goal … was to let western people think, in a provocative way, about the waste of food,” said Mamo, who took the photos in 2011 in Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh.

However, the unforgiving world of internet had already lashed him out with their raw reactions.

Here are few reactions directed at the Australian photographer: