While we shot in Kashmir, my parents called me every day after watching the news: Tripti

New Delhi: Delhi girl Tripti Dimri, who is debuting in Bollywood with Imtiaz Ali’s Laila Majnu, is excited about her first film with two biggies backing the project.

In an interaction with DB Post, the young actor talked about Kashmiris and her beautiful experience of shooting the film in the Valley.

Tripti Dimri and Avinash Tiwary in a still from the trailer of ‘Laila Majnu’

Talking about how she landed the role of Laila, Tripti said, “I actually auditioned for the film for the first time in 2016, but then I got rejected for the part. I did not know how to act, and I was not prepared. After that, I got into a modelling agency, and one day my manager informed me about an audition for Laila Majnu and suggested I give it a try. On reading the script, I got to know that I have already auditioned, so I decided not to apply again. But one day, in February, I simply accompanied a friend who was to audition for Laila Majnu, and while I was waiting for her to finish, the guy who was auditioning came and asked me to try. I told him that I had already done it before and that you rejected me. But then he said that they were doing it again. And that’s how I got the role.”

“Before reading the script, I had a certain image of Laila in my mind. I thought the character would be very controlled, ladylike and proper. But my Laila is a flirt, she knows that she’s the dream girl of all Kashmiri boys, and loves that fact. She seeks and loves attention from boys, plus she’s very filmy. Even though she’s part of such a great love story, she does not even know the meaning of love. Usse bass boyfriend chahiye, just for the heck of it. She just wants to know how it feels to have a boyfriend in life,” Tripti describes her on-screen persona.

A still from the trailer

How similar is Tripti with Laila? “My director says, Laila and I are very similar, but I don’t agree. Laila’s someone who is very talkative, and bubbly, her energy level is very high. While I am totally opposite, I am an introvert. Laila also has more to her, she is a very strong woman, and can sacrifice her happiness for the one she loves. I don’t think I can do that,” explains the 23-year-old debutant.

When asked if she is as flirty as her reel life character, Tripti laughs, “I think we’re all a little flirty… I have done all of this in my college days, now I’m done with it.. done and dusted.”

The trailer of the film which released a fortnight ago has received a positive response from critics and audience alike. When asked about her favourite dialogue in the film, Tripti says it hasn’t been revealed in the trailer, but what she likes the most from the trailer is, “When my friend in the film tells me how Kais (Avinash Tiwary) is a rich spoilt brat, an alcoholic and a womaniser and I say ‘Interesting.’”

How different is the film from the well-known story? Tripti said, “It’s different in a lot of ways, the characters are written differently, the location has been changed, and it deals with a problem the youth today are facing. Our writer Imtiaz Ali and director Sajid Ali did not want to modernise it too much, they wanted it to have that classic touch too, that’s why they chose Kashmir because this is a place slightly stuck in time. Also, in the older versions, Laila used to pet doves, they wanted Laila in the film to do so as well, but then we thought it would out of context in today’s world. But to add that part they have shown her character to be very filmy, like Maine Pyaar Kiya.”

Tripti (centre) with co-star Avinash Tiwary and director Sajid Ali at the trailer launch of ‘Laila Majnu’
 The cast and crew of Laila Majnu had quite the blast in Kashmir as explained by the lead actress. “We celebrated Eid there, our director took us for a proper Kashmiri lunch at his relative’s place one day, and we also attended a Kashmiri wedding.”


Elaborating on her experience at the wedding she says, “The weddings are very different, they treat you really well. Four people have to share a huge plate of food – wazwan, and you can’t get up until you finish the food!”

Sharing her experience of being to Kashmir, loving the people, and working with the team, Tripti said, “I am glad that I got an opportunity to work with Imtiaz Ali, and Sajid Ali. The shoot went quite smoothly, my parents used to call me every day to ask me what’s happening there, after watching the news. But we shot quite peacefully, nothing alarming happened, people there are very nice and helpful.”

“While we attend a lot of acting workshops and study acting to pursue a career, the Kashmiri actors in our film, are talented by birth,” she praised her co-actors.

Laila Majnu revolves around Kais and Laila whose journey of love is filled with insurmountable obstacles. Produced by Balaji Motion Picture, written by Imtiaz Ali, and directed by Sajid Ali, Laila Majnu is set to release on September 7.