When nobody recognised Salman Khan!

New Delhi: Salman Khan might be one of the biggest stars in India, but do people in the Middle East not watch his films?

The Bollywood star recently spent some good time alone in a Dubai mall! Yes, you read that right. Alone. A video shared on Instagram by a fan page shows the actor walking around a mall, tailed by his bodyguards, while nobody stops to stare, or take a selfie, or even look at him.

At one point, he sits down at one of the seating spaces and his guards leave him. Interestingly, no one seemed to recognise. As people walked by, Salman seemed occupied with his mobile.

Salman’s ‘me-time’ in the mall has gone viral on social media as fans are surprised to see no crowd around the Race 3 actor.

Currently, Salman is busy working on Ali Abbas’s Bharat. The film has Priyanka Chopra as the female lead and Disha Patani in a pivotal role.

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