When Karan Johar snubbed the media

The filmmaker was annoyed with the media for not posing questions fast enough.

Mumbai: Once a very approachable Karan Johar, now prefers to be unreachable to the media. Even during his last release Dhadak, the filmmaker stayed away from media interactions. It was only during the film’s success press conference that he addressed the media.

Karan who does a show on FM radio, arrived for the launch of the show, where he chose to interact with the press post the conference.

Just as the anchor of the event announced that the floor was open to the press, Karan waited for questions to arrive. Since the journalists took time to pose their questions, to break the silence, the host asked the radio listeners who were also present at the venue to ask their questions.

Right after two questions, the host ended the interactions and Karan made an exit. Seeing the session end so fast, the media who was now ready for the interaction panicked. On request by the press, the host tried convincing Karan to come back but the rather annoyed Johar reacted saying, “You asked the media to ask the questions, but nobody asked,” and left the venue.

Perhaps, the long pause from the media didn’t go down too well with the filmmaker who stormed out without a dialogue with the press.

(Story by Onkar Kulkarni)

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