When ‘biker dudes’ Sadhguru and Baba Ramdev went on a helmetless Ducati Scrambler ride

New Delhi: Sadhguru and Baba Ramdev, two of the most known faces in the spiritual world of India, are known for their teachings, among other things. Recently a video on the Internet captured both the spiritual gurus on a motorcycle! What’s happening here?

The video, named ‘Biker Dudes’, shows both Sadhguru and Baba Ramdev aboard a Ducati Scrambler Desert Sled in a special blue and red Rally For River Livery taking a ride around what appears to be shot inside a campus compound. Later, the two even briefly exited the compound for a little longer ride.

In the video, Baba Ramdev joins Sadhguru, who has been pretty active on motorcycles, as a pillion passenger and both of them roam around the campus helmetless.

The video, posted by Sadhguru’s YouTube channel, also has both riders banter about the ride, in which Ramdev says that he had to use his knees to lock on Sadhguru, to avoid falling off the bike backwards when Sadhguru was accelerating the Ducati Desert Sled. This is nothing new for Sadhguru, who has been open about his love for automobiles and has been seen drifting race cars and has been an avid biker for most of his life.

A little digging revealed another video in which when asked about his passion for motorcycles Sadhguru reveals that he has spent approximately 7 years of his life on a motorcycle, riding through the country. From BMW 1200GS’ and dirt bikes and everything in the between.

Although Baba Ramdev may not be as vocal about bikes and cars as Sadhguru is, he too is quite the biker himself. Another video from a few years ago has the shows the master of yoga riding a Hero Impulse by one of his followers, reported India Today.