What TV actors had to say about #MeToo in the entertainment industry

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]fter Tanushree Dutta spoke up about being harassed by Nana Patekar on the sets of Horn Okk Plsss in 2008, the #MeToo movement has gained momentum in India this time.

While women are talking about being harassed at their workplace in the past, they are also being questioned about the timing or authenticity of the incident.

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This is what TV actors had to say about #MeToo hitting Bollywood, a year after it created ripples in Hollywood:

Debina Bonerjee

I think this #MeToo movement will surely work for all those women who faced such kind of harassment in their respective lives. This campaign is giving strengths to the women to come out and speak against the injustice. For the people who say that why are women coming up now with their stories; let me tell them that it’s not easy to speak about it when the incident occurs. What is happening to other it might happen to us or someone around us. So, we should encourage people to speak about what they have faced so that the culprit is punished. I strongly support this #MeToo movement.

Vivek Dahiya

It’s appalling to read the news but this is a must. Women shouldn’t suppress their voice for decades, times have changed and one voice can give strength to many more who have faced something similar. The nation stands by these women who have the courage to speak against such crimes. Thankfully, social media gives each of us a voice …let’s end this virus.

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Ssharad Malhotra

If anyone is sexually harassed, one should immediately take action against the individual, company or organisation and not wait for years and months to pass. Please raise your voice and seek justice then and there and do not prolong the matter because everything and everyone has a shelf life. Time is the most crucial factor out here.

Pooja Banerjee

I feel this movement is actually a good thing. Since it’s a fact that women didn’t have much say and especially in a field like entertainment where one has the capacity to ruin someone’s image and career. But of course, every change and a good movement comes with its pros and cons, so each case may not be true. But I have a strong feeling that with this movement the cases of #MeToo will reduce.

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Sriti Jha

It’s very difficult to talk about horrid events of abuse or violation or assault. You’ve to live through them again. You’re mistrusted and called names. You have the fear of losing work or not getting work in future. There’s a lot to lose. There’s no argument about the world being unsafe for women. That’s why there’s a male friend or brother always dropping us home. Also it’s not scary for men. It’s scary for people who have assaulted anyone. It’s scary for women to party, to get drunk, to step out in the night to go to work or to stay at home facing domestic violence. I have immense respect for everyone who’s come out and chosen to suffer all of the above.

Ruslaan Sayed

Any kind of sexual misconduct leaves a never healing wound on the life of victim. I can surely empathise with what these ladies might have gone through. We see a glimpse of this every day in our lives in some form or the others. I have myself seen men ogling at women openly in public unapologetically. This is really sad especially in a country where cases of molestation against women are highest than anywhere in the world.

It takes guts to say what Vinta and Tanushree stood up and said. When I think of the mental torture that these women have gone through, I would never question their intentions. What I feel is that the investigation should happen anyways and if found guilty suitable action should be taken as per law against the sexual predators which as per #MeToo claims are from all sectors of work.

Rohitash Gour

Well, no one forgets the past. We always mention our past memories or remember good or bad things. I don’t feel that we can call it wrong if someone wants to discuss or mention their past experienc to society. We cannot assume it as right or wrong as we were never part of that situation when the incident mentioned took place. We have full freedom to express ourselves and our support to anyone. Also, we have no right to be judgemental. There is a process for justice for all. The only care we should take is that no one should be cheated on when it comes to justice. I would say #MeToo movement will be successful only when these incidents get reported immediately.

Divyanka Tripathi

I think it’s great that women are finally voicing what they have been through. Instead of telling our sisters to hide if someone is approaching you for something you aren’t comfortable with…I would request them to speak up. The crime shouldn’t be hidden; let those who are doing wrong suffer the consequences of their own actions.



I think the #MeToo movement has taken off brilliantly. Now people have begun to come out into the open. Tanushree and her incident were blasted on the media and the support she received was so strong that it inspired more women to come out. This is Bollywood’s clean up moment. The outcome I feel now will be that only talent will survive. Men or women, who use this shortcut to success or hope for work this way, will realise that it’s risky. A collective stand by Bollywood will be just right. I’m all for it.

Romit Raj

Honestly, if the victim is saying the truth then whenever she feels comfortable enough she can talk about it. The delay might be because she has suffered, she has fought a battle of emotions, she has taken medication or might be going through depression. To speak up about such incidents, takes a lot of courage. Following this, investigation should be carried out. It’s very important to file a complaint and investigate so that no one takes advantage or malign anyone’s reputation and life.

(Story by Kiran Jain)