‘What kind of ‘Jenau Dhari’ are you?’: BJP questions Rahul Gandhi over Mahakaleshwar temple visit

New Delhi: Following Congress’ chief Rahul Gandhi’s visit to Mahakaleshwar temple in Ujjain in poll-bound Madhya Pradesh, the BJP on Monday asked what was Gandhi’s ‘gotra’, and if he ‘wore a janeu’.

The comment is linked to Congress leader Randeep Surjewala’s pronouncement after Rahul Gandhi’s visit to the Somnath temple in Gujarat that he is a “Janeu-dhari Brahmin”. The comment and Gandhi’s temple visits were criticized by the ruling BJP as soft-Hindutva for votes.

“Rahul Gandhi wears a janeu (sacred thread). We want to ask him – he is going to Ujjain – what kind of ‘Jenau Dhari’ are you? What is your gotra,” questioned Sambit Patra, speaking in Indore in Madhya Pradesh, where both the Congress and the BJP are campaigning intensely for elections to be held on November 28.

‘Gandhi should remove Shashi Tharoor’

  • Launching a scathing attack on the Congress president, BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra also added that Gandhi should remove Shashi Tharoor for ‘bad mouthing Lord Shiva’.
  • Speaking at his book launch in Bengaluru, Tharoor had said, “There is an extraordinarily striking metaphor expressed by an unnamed RSS source to a journalist, who expressed the frustration to curb Modi- ‘Modi is like a scorpion sitting on a Shivling. You can’t remove him with your hand and you cannot hit it with a chappal (slipper) either.”
  • Gandhi too had revoked Lord Shiva in November last and said that he was a devotee of Shiva. The BJP has since been criticising the Congress for using Lord Shiva as an election gimmick.

Gandhi, who has been visiting temples in poll-bound states, in a bid to shed his anti-Hindu image, also addressed a rally in Ujjain after visiting the Mahakaleshwar temple. “Someone told me that corruption took place in Kumbh Mela & there should be a CBI inquiry. How will CBI conduct an inquiry when CBI director was removed at 2 am in the night?” Gandhi said.