Raksha Bandhan: Patna woman reunites with missing brother after 2 decades

Surat: This Raksha Bandhan has brought joy into the life of Patna’s Prema Devi as she will be with her brother who went missing when both were kids.

Family took Ravish for dead

Ten days before Raksha Bandhan, Patna’s Ravish went missing 19 years ago in 1999. Aged 13 at that time, Ravish was presumed dead by the family following his disappearance. Police also gave up efforts to search Ravish. Meanwhile, his elder sister Prema Devi got married, but she believed her brother was alive and continued looking out for him.

What better gift could Prema Devi look forward to for Raksha Bandhan this year? She will finally tie a rakhi on the wrist of her brother after almost two decades.

Family learnt Ravish was in Surat

Two years after Ravish went missing, the family received information in 2001 that he was in Surat. Ravish’s family runs Shivam International School in Patna. Between 2001 and 2012 Prema’s father Umesh Kumar visited Surat several times but to no avail. Later, Umesh passed away, and his wish to meet his son before death remained unfulfilled.

Patna’s Rohit united Ravish with his family

Ravish did sundry works in Surat like grazing cattle, and working at a hotel. He was now working in a factory where Patna’s Rohit met him. Rohit worked as a link between Ravish and his family. He contacted Ravish’s younger brother Ritesh and nephew Rajkumar, and invited them to Surat. But Ravish was now 32 and they couldn’t recognize each other.

Mention of past events helped them to connect with each other

Ravish’s body language and mention of past events helped them to reconnect and tears of joy flowed down their cheeks. Ravish’s kin took him to a salon for a haircut and purchased new clothes for him. On Saturday evening, they left for Patna and on the day of Raksha Bandhan Prema Devi will be with her brother after almost two decades.

Prema Devi was overcome with emotions

Ravish talked with her sister over the phone. Overcome with emotions, she could hardly speak. With a lump in her throat, she managed to say, “I remembered you so much. Didn’t you ever realise this?” Ravish said he also remembered her when he saw rakhis on the wrists of others.

(Story by Anup Mishra)