Wenger retirement: Veteran manager at his candid best; contemplates life as Arsenal fan

London: Arsene Wenger suggested on Sunday that once relieved of his duties as Arsenal manager in a week’s time he could think about life as a fan of the London club he served for 22 years – and have fun shouting at his successor.

Speaking after leading his team to a 5-0 thrashing of Burnley at The Emirates in his last Premier League home game on Sunday, Wenger joked about the stresses of the job, and all the criticism from fans and the media that came with it.

“I think I played 840 Premier League games. Do you know what that means, how many sleepless nights?” he said.

After dodging more questions about who the club’s next manager might be, and what he may do next himself, Wenger said how strange it often felt as a football manager to be asked frequently how he was feeling.

“You learn to disconnect from yourself. You don’t analyse anymore how you feel. After such a long time in the job and people ask you, ‘How do you feel?’, you think: ‘Why does he ask me that? I don’t know how I feel!’.

“I have to learn to reconnect with myself now that I have a bit more time,” he added.

Wenger appeared to welcome the suggestion that this process could include him becoming a supporter of the club and taking a seat in the stadium’s North Bank if he has the time.

“I would be happy to sit in the North Bank, but it depends if I work somewhere else or not, or in the job I do will I be free on the day Arsenal play,” he said.

“If you can offer me a ticket for the North Bank – you know what the positive of that is: I can shout at the next manager!” Wenger said joking.