Antibiotics, antacids found stuffed with inert white powder; alert sounded

Jaipur: Following the confirmation that huge stocks of drugs seized from Bhiwadi in Rajasthan in a raid were indeed fake, the Drugs Controller of the state government has sounded a nation-wide alert for chemists and the general public, asking them to be cautious while selling or purchasing antibiotics and drugs meant for treating ulcers and acidity.

The raid was conducted on March 20 and the report on the chemical examination of the seized drugs, which came in on Monday, showed that the drugs, packed in wrappers of well-known multinational pharmaceutical companies, were nothing except white powder of unknown chemical composition.

Seized drugs were worth Rs 40 lakh

Fake drugs

The raid was conducted by a joint team of the state drug controller and the Inter-state Cell of the Crime Branch of the Delhi Police on a firm at Bhiwadi. It was discovered that the fraudsters were in possession of wrappers of drugs manufactured by well-known companies like Sun Pharma, Aristo and Alchem and were stuffing them with a white powder. They were even printing batch numbers on the wrappers, which were the same as the batch numbers of the same drugs being sold in the market at that time. The stocks seized were valued at upwards of Rs 40 lakhs in terms of market price of the drugs.

The owner of the firm, Mahavir Bansal, was arrested and a case registered against him at the Chanakyapuri police station in New Delhi.

Fake drugs

  • Pantocid DSR (Sun Pharma)
  • Pantop 40 (Aristo)
  • Taxim-O 200 (Alchem)
  • Clavam 625 (Alchem)
  • Monocef-O 200 (Aristo).

We have issued an alert, along with batch numbers of the fake drugs. If any chemist is found selling them, strict action will be taken. Ajay Phatak, Drugs Controller, Government of Rajasthan

One in five drugs in India are fake

[box type=”info” align=”” class=”” width=””]According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), 35 percent of the fake drugs sold all over the world come from India and 20 percent of the drugs sold in India are fake. Drugs prescribed for cold and cough or a headache are mostly either fake or of poor quality. [/box]

(Story: Sandeep Sharma)