Weighty issues: Too light is not right

Rapid weight loss can lead to serious medical concerns

Weight gain is a constant worry in modern times. Sedentary lifestyles and bad choice of food result in obesity, which can have serious consequences in the long run.

How much, how fast?

While weight gain is a curse, rapid weight loss is not a boon either. Being underweight can lead to many concerns, among which is gallstone formation that might require surgical intervention. Constipation, hair loss, tiredness, and nausea are associated with weight loss. People who weigh less than normal might also have weak bones. Particularly underweight people might experience dizziness, weakening of memory and confusion. They can be a lot more sensitive to cold temperatures compared to those with normal weight.

Kilos, more or less

Weight loss necessitates a change in diet. However, one must seek medical advice before making any major intake-related decision. Also, one must remember that weight can fluctuate with temperature and exercise. Moreover, weight changes are often linked with how stressed a person is, and whether or not he or she has been getting adequate sleep. If you know you are under too much stress, or if you have not been sleeping properly, you need to make amends.

Right and wrong shape

A slim and fit body is the right shape but staying fit and looking it, too, is different from rapid loss of weight. If a person loses weight, therefore, he or she must make sure that the fall doesn’t take place at an alarmingly fast rate. The reason: a very thin body can invite health-related worries, which nobody wants to have.


Dr Shaibal Guha says:

  • The primary reason for weight loss is malnutrition. One has to keep an eye on one’s diet and eat the right kind of food. Indigestion, one must add, leads to weight loss, as well.”
  • “Uncontrolled diabetes is a major reason for weight loss. It is important to keep one’s blood sugar under control under any circumstance.”
  • “Any chronic infectious disease can also lead to weight loss. For instance, kidney and liver problems lead to loss of weight.”
  • “If the digestive system doesn’t function smoothly, losing those kilos is practically inevitable.”
  • “A person who is losing weight quickly has to pay attention to his diet. Having healthy food is really important because it can solve most of our problems.”

(by Biswadeep Ghosh)

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