Wedding bells wait for poll schedule in Madhya Pradesh

Sagar (Madhya Pradesh): Besides the positions of the celestial planets, the Pundits in Madhya Pradesh now have to take another factor into consideration – the dates of assembly elections – before fixing the muhurat for wedding ceremonies.

Assembly elections are due in November-December in the state but the dates are yet to be announced. And these two months coincide with the peak marriage season.

No leave

RK Singh is posted as inspector in the state police. His son’s marriage has been fixed but he is waiting for the announcement of the election schedule before deciding the date of the ceremony. There is no way he can get leave during the elections and so he wants to ensure that the wedding date does not clash with the elections.

Almost one lakh state government functionaries are deployed on poll duty and exemptions are a strict no-no. Except in cases of grave illness or incapacitation, leave is not granted to government personnel on poll duty.

This has forced the families where the parents or close relatives of the bride or the bridegroom are in government jobs to wait for announcement of poll dates before fixing wedding schedules. Of course, where the would-be husbands or wives are themselves government servants, there is absolutely no choice.

Few bookings

This also means that the families where weddings are scheduled cannot book marriage halls, bands etc. The owners of marriage halls say that they have received very few bookings for November-December. And those who are making bookings are imposing the condition that they should be allowed to alter the dates in keeping with the poll schedule.

Pt. Ramgovind Shastri says, “This year, there are very few auspicious muhurats for marriage and elections have further complicated the situation.”