Watch: People record videos as man jumps out of burning car moving on Gurugram flyover

New Delhi: A video of a man jumping out of a burning car and the vehicle moving like a ball of fire on a flyover in Gurugram near Delhi has gone viral on social media. The incident, which reportedly happened on Tuesday night, shows how there is a need to be more helpful towards victims.

Rakesh Chandel, the man who can be seen jumping out of the car and running behind it, said, “I was shouting for help but people were busy recording videos, I was about to faint and no one came to help. Nobody even shared drinking water with me.”

Explaining the incident, police said Rakesh Chandel, 44, had gone to Sector 25 to distribute Diwali gifts to his relatives and was reportedly on his way home when at a flyover near Cybercity, his Honda City car suddenly caught fire. Chandel, an employee of a manpower firm in Manesar, had a narrow escape, police said.

In the video, the burning car can be seen moving even as Chndel applied hand brakes and jumped out of it. It rammed an auto, moving in the wrong direction, and a road divider before stopping. There was a small blast and the flames leapt up.

Chandel said he heard some noise and stopped to check what was wrong with the car. “I got down and checked all tyres but they were intact. Then again, I started the ignition and drove towards the flyover but within seconds the same sound started coming from the car,” he said.

Chandel got down again and opened the car bonnet but could not detect the problem. He again started and as soon as the car reached the flyover, he heard a sound and noticed flames.

Chandel said he jumped out of the car and immediately called police control room, fire station and his employer to report the incident. A PCR reached the spot within minutes and they tried to stop the moving car but failed.

A small crowd gathered around the car when it stopped, still in flames. Firemen soon came to put out the blaze.

A case has been registered under section 174 of the code of criminal procedure (CrPC) at the Sadar police post.