Watch how social media is celebrating Father’s Day with this heartwarming video

New Delhi: On the occasion of Father’s Day, SBI Life launched an emotional ballad in the form of a music video, celebrating the father-child relationship. The video has gone viral on social media.

“Papa Hain Na” is essentially an emotional ballad paying tribute to all the great dads. The ballad is
aimed at celebrating the father-child relationship, and reasons why fathers have always been heroes in their children’s lives.

It brings out the nuances of the relationship through heart-warming lyrics, beautiful composition and endearing visuals.

Continuing with Father’s Day celebrations through its recent advertisements, SBI Life provided an opportunity to everyone to thank their fathers through the recently launched ballad #PapaHainNa. The video was launched on the SBI Life YouTube channel along with their Facebook page and Twitter handle.

Celebrities as well as commoners were encouraged to participate by sharing their feelings for their dads by using the hashtag #PapaHainNa: