Watch: How ‘drug peddlers’ shot a Delhi man

New Delhi: A 34-year-old man died after allegedly being shot by two unidentified men in the national capital’s Taimoor Nagar area on Sunday, triggering protests in the area.

The victim – Rupesh – was reportedly raising his voice against a drug gang operating in the area for past few months.

‘Drug racket going on in our area’

  • The locals stage widespread protests overnight while claiming that drug gang found out about the complainant’s identity from the police.
  • “There is a drug racket going on in our area. Rupesh and others have written about the same to the police on numerous occasions, however, no outcome has come till date. Under the nose of the police, drugs are sold in our area, but nobody says anything. We have CCTV footage to prove this,” said a local.
  • Locals staged a protest and accused police of being hand in glove with the accused. People resorted to stone-pelting and ruckus, which forced police to use lathi-charge and aerial firing to control the crowd. A few people were also injured during the firing, sources said.

‘Accused will be nabbed as early as possible’

Around 9 pm in the night, we got a call on PCR saying that two people shot one person and ran away. Looking at this, the locals of the area protested against the police and even pelted stones on police jeep and burnt a bike forcing us to call more security force to handle the situation. Now everything is under control and we are investigating the matter,” Chinmoy Biswal, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Southeast) said.

The CCTV footage of the incident shows two men walking upto Rupesh on a busy street and shooting him in chest before walking off. Rupesh’s family claimed that he had opposed the sale of drugs in the area and that is why he was attacked, he added.

“The accused will be nabbed as early as possible. An investigation is underway,” Biswal said.

According to the victim’s brother, the hospital declared him dead after keeping him in ICU for some time.