Watch: Aunty takes #KikiChallenge as vehicles honk, Gujarat police issues warning

The #KikiChallenge involves people stepping out of their cars and dancing to the tune of a Drake track, called 'In My Feelings' from his latest album 'Scorpion'.

New Delhi: After a video of a woman dancing to the #KikiChallenge in Vadodara amid traffic honking after her went viral, the Gujarat police has issued a warning against performing the challenge.

The #KikiChallenge, also known as #InMyFeelingsChallenge, #DoTheShiggy or #ShiggyChallenge, involves people stepping out of their cars and dancing to the tune of a Drake track, called In My Feelings from his latest album Scorpion.

The challenge, which has gone global, was made viral after internet comedian Shiggy posted a video of himself on Instagram busting some moves to Drake’s song. Interestingly, the original video did not involve a car.

The challenge gained momentum when Shiggy’s friend Odell Beckham Jr. filmed himself doing the dance outside of a vehicle. And thus, the #KiKiChallenge was born.

This resulted in many people getting hurt while performing the challenge and police of various cities issuing a warning against pulling off the stunt.

In the latest video, Rizwana Meer, a resident of Vadodara, can be seen in the video attempting to dance to the song as she shrugs off a car which keeps honking behind her.

A comedy group based out of Gujarat said it made the video, which it uploaded on its Facebook page, reports NDTV.

Gujarat police took to Twitter warning people to “not perform or accept” the #KikiChallenge.

A Vadodara police official issued a warning on Wednesday, saying the challenge was “very dangerous for you and people around you”, according to news agency ANI.

Responding to the backlash it received against the video, the founder of the comedy group said in a Facebook post that the group had made the video “to urge people not to do it”.

Earlier, police in Mumbai, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Bengaluru had issued warnings against performing the challenge.


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