Want your kids to stay away from social media? Just get their dolls married

Jalgaon: More than 900 children of a school in Maharashtra’s Jalgaon attended the wedding of two dolls on Wednesday. The school said it organised the programme to keep the children away from social media and help them learn traditional games and rituals.

Kids arrive as ‘Barati’

All the students arrived as ‘barati’ for the wedding . School vice-president Madhavi Thattay said, “Through this marriage, children were told how to organise a programme. This initiative proved effective in helping them realise their responsibilities.”

“Children learnt about various rituals like engagement, applying turmeric, seven ‘pheras’, putting mangalsutra, vidai etc. All the teachers were also present along with the children,” she added.

‘Traditional games not played anymore’

Teachers said children learnt about various traditional games at the programme. They said, “In the era of social media, children don’t play traditional games anymore. Earlier, children used to play various games. Organising wedding of dolls was a very popular game. No such games are played anymore. Through the program, children were told about traditional sports.”