Walmart on massive hiring spree in India

New Delhi: Walmart is on a massive hiring spree in India. Just 10 days ago, Walmart India announced that it expects to create at least 30,000 direct and indirect jobs by setting up 15 wholesale Cash and Carry stores in Uttar Pradesh. The latest buzz is that it is also looking to ramp up tech hiring.

According to a national daily, the world’s largest retail firm will hire about 1,000 more people for technology roles in India to hold off competition, especially from e-commerce behemoth Amazon.

“We are trying to be more product-oriented. We have taken whole projects and moved them over to drive the Indian ownership of the product,” Walmart chief information officer Clay Johnson told the daily, adding that “A lot of our Internet-of-things work that sits in our stores, a lot of those end-to-end products is done here, with the sensors and the data”.

Significantly, the company also wants to drive more product ownership out of India. For example, Walmart’s return process for its 5,000 US stores was completely developed in India.

More focus on tech hiring

  • According to the report, Walmart’s technology attrition is at industry levels, witnessing normal attrition spikes around the two-year & seven-year marks.
  • The company currently boasts technology operations in Bengaluru and Gurugram, with about 1,800 employees.
  • With an IT spend pegged at about $10 billion a year by analysts, Walmart is among the world’s largest tech spenders.
  • But the company recognises that it is not enough to just spend big on tech – one has to invest in the “right technology” in order to drive competitive advantage.
  • India, incidentally, is the only country apart from Ireland to host Walmart Labs outside US.