Vote for BJP, defend Rafale: Urges wedding card of Gujarat couple

Yuvraj and Sakshi, from Surat, say the only gift they expect from their guests is their vote for the BJP in the 2019 general elections.

The country boasts of devoted Narendra Modi fans, but from time to time, we come across some extraordinary fans who make headline expressing their appreciation for the Prime Minister.

Families of would be married couples invite guests to seek their blessing with wedding cards which give the details of the couple’s families, and the venue where they will wed. However, oddly enough, months ahead of the Lok Sabha Election, the wedding card of a Gujarat couple looked nothing like a regular one. Why?

After the names of the bride and bridegroom, a symbol of Lord Ganesha, and a line mentioning how marriages are made in heaven, the card boldly presents Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the footer.

Yuvraj and Sakshi — both from Surat — say the only gift they expect from their guests is that they vote for the BJP in the upcoming elections and a monetary contribution for the saffron cause on the party app!

On turning the page, one even finds a detailed analysis of the Rafale deal, with a trendy headline, “Keep calm and trust NAMO”.

The text unapologetically defends the Modi government’s version of the deal and gives reasons for Reliance Defence being chosen for the offset contract, the cancellation of an earlier deal fixed by the United Progressive Alliance (UPI).