Drones replace models at fashion show in the Middle East

New Delhi: Has it ever occurred to you how machines and robots can take over our jobs? Not just the job of a labour, but also of a model! A few videos went viral lately, which shows how drones displaying clothes at a fashion show instead of models walking down the runway.

Yes, it looks equally bizarre as it sounds. The video clips show clothes being flown down a runway with the help of small drones.

Some Twitterati (and Qatar’s The New Arab) claim the fashion show took place in Saudi Arabia; but there’s no evidentiary proof to support that.

But, then again, the world’s youngest office holder at the time, Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman of Saudi Arabia is doing quite the unthinkable in his country. He has allowed women to drive from June 24 onward, and he also lifted ban of cinema theatres in the country.

The first video was shared on June 3,on Twitter. It shows a black abaya – the robe-like dress worn by some Muslim women – being flown down a runway by a drone, while there does not seem to be much of an audience paying attention.

Another video shared on June 6 shows a modest green garment hanging on a black hanger, which in turn, is dangling from a drone. The hanger also carries a necklace to accessorise the flying garment – so much for not having models walk the runway!

In another video, a summer printed dress is flown by a small drone, this time the speed of the drone seems to be lesser, perhaps due to the fact that the dress had very thin straps, clipped to the hanger. A man walks close to the drone, en-guard lest the dress falls off the hanger.

Before this, Italian luxury fashion house Dolce & Gabbana sent drones with handbags flying down the runway in February. According to The Cut, guests were asked to switch off the Wi-Fi on their phones to avoid interfering with the drones’ signals.

After about an hour of confusion, the show finally began. But the bold move had social media buzzing with excitement as soon as videos of the drones modelling D&G’s quilted handbags made their way online.