Varun Dhawan’s physical makeover for ‘Kalank’: adds 2 extra inches to his waist, chest and biceps!

Mumbai: Actors go all out to look their part in movies. The latest in the line to take is Varun Dhawan. From what he looked like in Sui Dhaaga, Varun is going for a complete physical transformation for his upcoming film Kalank. He is working out to have a bulky, ripped body.

Varun will be seen playing a Muslim blacksmith whose shop will be in the famous Lahore market called Heera Mandi. To suit his character, Varun’s fitness trainer Prashant Sawant is taking him through rigorous workout sessions.

“I was given a brief that Varun plays a lohar and we need to give him the look of a street side guy. The work of a blacksmith is physically taxing and so I added mass to his body,” says Prashant.

Thus, Varun bulked up his body by adding more muscles and pumping it up in inches. “I designed a routine for Varun which helped him in increasing the muscle thickness. He was already in good shape just that he wanted to look bigger. So, we added a few inches to his body. His biceps, chest and waist measure 2 inches more than earlier.”

Prashant says that every day he works out with Varun for 45 minutes to one hour. He elaborates, “We do cardio workout for 20 minutes, focus on one body part a day like legs or chest etc, do a lot of weight training and work out on abs.”

Apart from working out, Varun also takes care of his diet. As per the fitness trainer, both protein and carbs (carbohydrates) intake were increased but once he gained mass, the carb intake was reduced through his balanced diet.

Further elaborating on his food plan, Prashant says, “For breakfast he has eggs and oats, in the noon he has sandwiches, cauliflower rice or brown rice, in the evening he has eggs and at night he has vegetables and some chicken.”

Other Bollywood celebrities who bulked up for their roles

Aamir Khan – Dangal

The actor who played wrestling coach Mahavir Phogat had to gain weight to play the older version of his character. Unlike Varun, who became ripped by gaining muscles, Aamir had to look bulky with fat gain. In an interview Aamir said he ate all things unhealthy and piled on nearly 25 kilos to his body mass. From weighing 68 kgs before the film, Aamir went on to be 98 kgs during the film.

Ranbir Kapoor in Sanju

From playing a lean Sanjay Dutt to the one with ripped muscles, Ranbir Kapoor was seen going through a body transformation in the senior actor’s biopic. In order to look ripped he increased his protein intake, worked out and put on 13 kilos.

Salman Khan in Sultan

In the Ali Abbas Zafar directorial Sultan, Salman Khan who plays a wrestler had to look heavier. At one point of time he even touched 100 kgs! To achieve the same, Salman who is a foodie, hogged on a lot of junk food and ice-creams to gain body fat.

(Story by Onkar Kulkarni)