Varun Dhawan to marry in 2019?

Mumbai: While Bollywood is already abuzz with the upcoming weddings of Ranveer-Deepika and Priyanka Chopra, 2019 will in all probability see Varun Dhawan getting engaged and hitched to his longtime girlfriend, Natasha Dalal.

“The families of both Varun and Natasha have been looking for a suitable date next year when the couple could get hitched. For Varun’s family, it is happy times as Rohit became a father recently. Both David and his wife are hopeful that their superstar son will soon get married when the time is right. Unlike others, the Dhawans are keen on having the wedding in India. Natasha’s family too are eager to have a wedding down soon as Natasha is settled well in her career as a designer,” says a source.