Vadodara’s ex-cricketers looked the other way while I was battling for life: Jacob Martin

Vadodara: Former Indian cricketer and Vadodara cricket legend Jacob Martin, who is recuperating after he was injured in an accident, is acrimonious towards former cricketers of Vadodara for not helping him at a time he was battling for life and was in dire need of funds. He said no former cricketer of Vadodara helped him and no one gave him blank cheque. He said Kunal Pandya gave him cheque of Rs 1 lakh and he was grateful towards him for the help.

Sourav, Rahul also helped

Jacob said, “My godfather Sourav Ganguly and Rahul also helped me. Yusuf Pathan has not given me a blank cheque.” Jacob believes former cricketers of Vadodara are selfish. He said they think they have helped Vadodara win many cups.

“But the reality is that only two persons have helped Vadodara win Ranji Trophy. One of them is DK Gaikwad and I am the other person,” Jacob said.

Ganguly was the captain of the national team when Jacob Martin made his debut. Martin had suffered extensive damage to his liver and lungs in an accident on December 28.

Ganguly’s words boosted my morale’

Jacob spoke about how Ganguly helped him while he was in hospital.

“Vadodara’s former cricketers should have helped me when my condition was critical. But at that time not a single person came forward to help me. Sourav Ganguly is my godfather. As soon as he learnt about me, he transferred the money in my account in just two hours. He told my wife to tell me that Jacob’s place is on the cricket field and not on hospital bed,” Martin said.

“These words of Ganguly have boosted my morale. Therefore I respect him. Vadodara cricketers should learn from Ganguly. He is in Kolkata and helping me. They are here and doing nothing. They are interested only in making money. They don’t want to help,” he added.