UP elections: Maneka Gandhi looks away from her estranged niece Priyanka Gandhi even as the latter waves out

Sultanpur: It was a moment that neither of them had looked forward to and, as expected, one of them looked away when the moment came.

Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi was holding a roadshow in Sultanpur on Thursday evening for Congress candidate Sanjay Sinh when the convoy of BJP candidate Maneka Gandhi that was coming from the opposite direction got caught in the traffic jam.

While Maneka Gandhi chose to look away from her estranged niece, Priyanka Gandhi waved out – onlookers say that she waved to the crowds while Congress sources say that she waved out to her aunt.

Within minutes, the police cleared the road block and Maneka Gandhi’s convoy moved on.

Later, when asked, Maneka Gandhi refused to comment on Priyanka Gandhi’s presence in her constituency.

Priyanka Gandhi, however, told reporters that she was campaigning in favour of her party candidate and not against anyone.

The Gandhis have avoided campaigning against Maneka Gandhi and her son Varun Gandhi.

In 2014, when Varun Gandhi was contesting from Sultanpur, Priyanka Gandhi had only held a workers’ meeting in Sultanpur, a video of which later went viral.

(With agency inputs)