UP/ Bird Flat Colony ready in Ghaziabad; it has 60 nests for birds, 12 nests on each floor

New Delhi. The five-storey bird housing tower at the residence of Vice-Chairperson of Ghaziabad Development Authority (GDA) is now ready. There are 60 nests in this bird’s tower and the entire project has cost Rs 2 lakh. That is, 12 birds can live on each floor. It is covered with umbrellas to protect birds from sunlight and heat. At the same time, wood has been used in nests. Small birds such as sparrows, parrots, nightingale, etc. can live in these bird flats.

According to GDA officials, if the project is successful and birds start settling in it then it would be started in many other housing colonies. The next birds’ apartments will be built in the Chandrashila Apartment. It is likely that by seeing this, private builders will also make such efforts in their housing projects.

Person appointed to provide grains to birds

GDA Vice Chairperson Kanchan Verma said, “This is the first birds’ housing construction developed near a garden and a water source.” A person has been given the responsibility to keep the grains etc for the birds. The Birds’ Tower has been built on top of a 10 feet high iron pillar so that the cats, dogs may not harm the birds. The tower is 7 feet high. This is a pilot project. Other such constructions will be built in GDA’s other housing schemes.”

Natural environment required for birds

Animal activist Ruchin Mehra said, “To attract birds it is necessary to have proper natural surroundings. Yet if there is enough shade in the bird’s colony and if the sources of water are close, then there is a possibility that nightingale, sparrows, and other birds will come here. Even then, it will take time for them to make their nest and feel safe. This type of colony will help increase the number of birds. We appeal to private builders to include such constructions in their projects.”

GDA project can attract birds

Divisional Forest Department officer Deeksha Bhandari said, “In 2016, wooden boxes were distributed to increase the number of birds. In these boxes, birds built nests. The GDA project can attract birds. If it is successful, it should be included in other housing projects.”