Unlike Narendra Modi, I am fully fit: Masood Azhar’s claim about Balakot strike, his ill health

In a new development, the Jaish-e-Mohammed chief Masood Azhar, has said in a purported column that false news is being spread about losses suffered by the terror group and his ill health, as per media reports.

The Jaish-e-Mohammed in a recent column in the group’s mouthpiece Al-Qalam has accused Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi of spreading false news of losses suffered by Masood Azhar led group.

The column supposedly written by JeM Chief Masood Azhar under his pen name Saadi said that “all are alive and all is well,” while denying claims of PM Modi that the Balakot strike damaged the outfit heavily, as per media reports.

The source has, however, maintained that it is difficult to establish if Azhar is indeed the author of the piece. Nevertheless, the weekly paper Al-Qalam is widely recognised as the JeM mouthpiece.

Following reports of the JeM chief’s ill health, Azhar has challenged Modi to prove how medically fit he is. “Unlike Narendra Modi, I am fully fit. I challenge him to a game or archery or a shooting competition to prove I am fitter than he is,” he said.

The HT reports quoted Azhar as saying in the column that global deliberations on his health was just propaganda against him.

“I am fully well. My kidney and liver are perfect,” Azhar said in the column. For 17 years the JeM has never been to a hospital or consulted a doctor, he added. He attributes his good health to a Quran inspired diet which has freed him from ailments like hypertension and diabetes.

The column has also termed attacks like Pulwama as a ‘freedom movement.’ Azhar has said that the suicide bomber, Adil Ahmad Dhar has started a fire in the hearts of Kashmiris and it is not going to extinguish soon. The ‘freedom movement’ would only spread further, the JeM chief claimed.

“There is nothing to worry about,” he said.