UK/ 1500 flights of British Airways cancelled due to pilots’ strike, 3 lakh people affected

  • British Airways pilots on strike on Monday and Tuesday over disputes over pay and allowance cuts
  • The biggest strike in the airline’s 100-year history, loss of Rs 704 crore estimated
  • All flights to New York, Delhi, Hong Kong, and Johannesburg affected

London: British Airways (BA) pilots have begun a two-day strike in an ongoing dispute over pay and conditions.

Tens of thousands of passengers have been told not to go to airports, and BA says most have made alternative arrangements.

Both BA and the pilots’ union Balpa have indicated that they are willing to start new talks.

Nonetheless, the vast majority of BA flights taking off from the UK on Monday and Tuesday have been cancelled.

There was also a knock-on effect to flights on Sunday, because planes and pilots needed to be in position for prior and subsequent journeys.

Dozens of flights were cancelled and further unforeseen cancellations could happen on Wednesday.

According to The Telegraph newspaper, about 2 lakh 80 thousand people will be affected by this strike. This will result in a loss of around £ 80 million (Rs 704 crore). All flights to New York, Delhi, Hong Kong and Johannesburg have been affected.