UIET Chandigarh students bag top honour for developing device based on face detection

Chandigarh: The signature in the biometric can be copied, there can be irregularity in RFID, but the machine cannot make a mistake in recognising a face. Keeping this in mind, the team of engineering students of United Institute of Engineering and Technology (UIET) Chandigarh developed a security system based on face detection technique.

Tushar Srivastava, IT 6th Semester, Yuvraj, IT 6th Semester and Naman Agarwal, CSE 6th Semester bagged the first position in Internet of Things (IoT) theme. They made a web application for Intruder Detection using Face Detection technique of Machine Learning and IoT. They won prize money of Rs 75000 and got pre placement offer from Deloitte.

Multistage hackathon Technotsav 2.0 was organised across engineering colleges

A multistage hackathon Technotsav 2.0 was organised by Deloitte India across many engineering colleges of the country including IITs and NITs.

The students developed a security system that will store the database of the faces of all the occupants of a house or staff of an office. The entry in the office or the house would be given after matching the person’s face with the available database. 

Before finale, four online rounds were conducted among 14000 participants in which there was an aptitude test for all participants. Students who passed the test formed teams consisting of three members and submitted their ideas, business case and working prototype of their respective projects.

32 Teams were shortlisted for the finale which was organised at Hyderabad Campus of Deloitte on April 15 and 16. There were four themes of the Hackathon: Data Science/Machine Learning, Internet of Things (IoT), Cognitive Automation, Blockchain. Two teams from UIET were selected among 32 finalists and they went to Deloitte Campus at Hyderabad. Other finalist team from UIET, UIET Chandigarh_Developers got pre-placement interview from Deloitte. Members of the team are- Sakshi Bhakhra, IT 6th Semester, Ridhima Singla, CSE 6th Semester and Sarah Mehta, CSE 6th Semester.