Two Ramlilas are a study in contrast

New Delhi/Banaras: The famous Lavkush Ramlila of Delhi makes extended use of modern technology. It can be called country’s most hi-tech Ramlila. In contrast, the Ramnagar Ramlila of Banaras is just the opposite. It is staged in the light of petromax. There are no chairs for the viewers. People bring mats and other belongings to sit. It is generally believed that fewer people are turning up to watch Ramlilas these days but at both these places, the number of spectators is increasing.

25 crore people watch Lavkush Ramlila

Lavkush Ramlila is famous all over the country and even in foreign countries. It is shown live on TV all over the world. It is also shown live on social media including Youtube and Facebook. According to organisers, about 25 crore people watch the Ramlila through various mediums. The Lavkush Ramlila began in 1988. For the last 5 years, Delhi and Mumbai artists have been acting in the Ramlila. This year Puneet Issar is playing the role of Ravana.

Different scenes are staged at different places

On the other hand, no artificial light or mike is used in the Ramnagar Ramlila of Banaras. Five to ten thousand people come to see Ramlila daily but on days of Vijayadashmi, Dhanush Yagya, Lanka Dahan etc, their number increases to 20,000. This Ramlila continues for 31 days. It is the country’s only Ramlila which is performed in an area of five km radius. Different scenes are staged at different places.

(Story: Tarun Sisodia & Amit Mukherjee)