Two bikers dead in accident while taking selfie on Delhi’s Signature Bridge

New Delhi: On Friday, two men on a motorcycle died at the newly inaugurated Signature Bridge after ramming into a divider and falling into the river, police said. They were trying to take a selfie on the bridge.

The incident occurred at 8.40 am on the bridge’s left turn loop. “The two men were rushed to a nearby hospital, where they were later declared dead,” Deputy Commissioner of Police AK Thakur informed the media.

There were reports suggesting that the bikers were performing stunts, however, police is ruling out the possibility. “Being a left turn, the possibility of the victims performing stunts has been ruled out,” he added.

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The bridge was inaugurated on November 4, and has become a place where people have been seen taking selfies climbing on the cables and the corners of the bridge, risking their lives.

One of the bikers has been identified as 23-year-old Dr Satya Vijay Shankaran from Ranchi. He was an intern with Hindurao hospital.

A recent study revealed that between 2011 and 2017, around half of the world’s 259 selfie-deaths occurred in India.

(With inputs from Agencies)