Twitter slams Sara Ali Khan for ‘racist’ magazine cover shoot with Kenyan tribesman

Mumbai: Actor Sara Ali Khan’s magazine cover debut has not been very pleasant for fans. Sara is the face of Filmfare’s March issue and she shared the magazine’s cover on Tuesday. The pictures for the cover story were shot in Kenya with a few Masai tribesmen and women. However, those pictures have not gone down well with the internet.

Filmfare shared some photos on Twitter with the caption, “If looks could kill… #SaraAliKhan is an absolute stunner in this new still from our latest cover shoot.”

Several Twitter users have were disappointed at the ‘tone deaf’ and ‘racist’ photoshoot for using a tribe as a prop for her pictures. While cultural appropriation includes wearing a minority community’s traditional outfits or altering your appearance superficially to look like them, it also includes using an entire community’s culture as props to one’s advantage.

Here are some tweets calling out the photoshoot:

“She really got a whole a** human being behind her like a Jojos Bizarre Adventure stand,” wrote one Twitter user while another wrote, “Shame. I actually liked Sara Ali Khan, I thought she was different from these Bollywood clowns.”

Many called out the magazine for digitally editing the photo and adding the man behind her. However, the shadow of the Masai tribesman (who are known for their ability to jump straight up) is hid behind Sara’s and therefore it appears as if he has no shadow and is Photoshopped into the picture.

“Hey. Simply put – you cannot use people of a country as props. They can contribute to the narrative and be a part of the shoot, but not just be stoic spectators that elevate the “model”. That’s really whack,” a comment read.

Some users also defended Sara from the Twitter storm, raising a question that since the actress is not wearing anything related to black culture, how could it be cultural appropriation.