TV Show Dadi Amma Dadi Amma Maan Jao serial actress Sheen Das wants to bridge the difference between big and small city

Television actress Sheen Das will soon be seen in the serial ‘Dadi Amma Dadi Amma Maan Jao‘. Sheen has also previously worked as a lead actress in Rajshri Production. Sheen considers herself very lucky as this is the first time when Rajshri Production has repeated its lead actress in a show. Recently, during a conversation with Dainik Bhaskar, Sheen shared some things related to her personal and professional life with us.

Sheen told these things

Happy with my achievement in a short time

Usually, these production houses do not repeat the actresses, but when I received a call for the show again, obviously I couldn’t believe it for a while. My previous show ‘Piyaa Albela‘ may have run for a short time but it seems that I had made a very good repo in that short time and hence got a chance again. I am very happy and I will try my best to meet the expectations of the makers.

I have to live up to expectations of veteran actors

I auditioned for the show and had to attend a lot of workshops. The team wanted me to look completely different from my old character. For which we used to attend workshops four times a week. During those workshops, I worked very hard on dialogues and body language. There are some veteran actors in this show, I have to live up to their expectations too. Believe it I have worked very hard.

I also want to bridge the difference between big and small city

Talking about the show, I personally relate to it a lot. The small-town girl, who does not have parents, has many responsibilities but she also has dreams of her own, which she wants to fulfill. I personally feel that many small-town girls do not get a chance to compete because whenever you go to a big city, the first question you are asked is where you are from and you are judged accordingly. No matter how big a degree you have achieved, it definitely matters to some people to which city you belong. It happened to me too and to be honest, like my character, I also want to remove the difference between big and small city.

If not an actor, I would have become a journalist

I always wanted to become an actor, but I could not understand where to start to fulfill this dream. I did a course in journalism and then did an internship with a news channel in Delhi. The place where the channel had its office, the shooting of a show called ‘Airlines’ was going on. There I auditioned and there was a time that the show’s actor was not able to read her lines properly. The production house gave me a chance and asked me to read those lines. I correctly read the lines and my journey to become an actor began. I got a real recognition with Piya Albela.I would have been a journalist had I not become an actor.